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Mirai Nikki, Future Diary

The manga written and ilustrated by Sakae Esuno, and the anime and introductory OVA produced by ASREAD Studio Mirai Nikki is the story of a battle between people with Future Diaries. They fight for the throne of Deus, god of time and space. Genres: Action, Psychological, Gore. 

The god Deus Ex Machina is dying, if no ones takes his place the world will ends. He choose twelve 'players' that will enter to a surviving competition. The winner will be the next God. Their personal diaries has turn into 'Future Diaries' that shows them what is about to happen, their lifes and their 'Dead ends' (Death is the end of the game) that can be in a direct way (murder) or indirect (Diary destruction). Future is written but it can be changed, even death can be avoid.

The main character, the First (Deus favorite one) is Yukiteru Amano, also known as Yuki, a quiet, shy, and weak guy. Is owner of the Random Diary that gives a detail explanation of his surroundings very accurately whether it be the present or the future. He doesn't have friends, and is looking for someone that can protect and love him.

Yuno Gasai, the Second, is willing to do that. Her dream is being Yuki's wife. This lovely pink haired girl is insane, and is ready to kill or die for his boy. Her problems came from long time ago, her parents were really bad and she had suffer a lot. She has the Yukiteru Diary, wich gives her details of Yuki (what he's doing, dangers around him...) every 10 minutes. She is the favorite of Murumuru, the silly assistant of Deus.

Other diary owners: 

Keigo Kurusu, the Fourth, police captain with the Criminal Investigation Diary. Reisuke Houjou, the Fifth, a cute and innocent kid (not so innocent), owner of the Hyper Vision Diary that gives him three predictions every day. Tsubaki Kasugano, the Sixth, leader of the Omekata cult, with vision problems and a sad past holds the Clairvoyance Diary. Marco Ikusaba y Ai Mikami, the lovers, are the Seventh, they have the Exchange Diaries. Minene Uryū, the Ninth, is the owner of the Escape Diary, an infamous  terrorist with a life full of bad moments. 

My opinion: Good serie, I get addicted from the beggining. Complex characters, a constant internal and external battle. Maybe too melodramatic (it has liters of tears) and the ending isn't all I expected. But is a good story, I like it a lot! 


Memorable quotes: 

* "Half moon bright, half moon dark; just like me". Gasai Yuno
* "You don't deserve being God... for being such a cryer". Ōji Kousaka
* "Yuki will love me again if I kill you". Gasai Yuno


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