domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012


Anazā or Another is a mistery and terror novel written by Ayatsuji Yukito. P.A Works Studio make the  anime adaptation and a complementary OVA, both with the same name. Genres: Drama, Mistery, Psychological terror.

Kōichi Sakakibara travels from Tokio to the "North Yomiyama" school in the small and peaceful town of Yomiyama, but he discovers a curse is over the 9-3 class, his class. His partners make strange things trying to avoid the evil, but there are students, teachers and relatives dying, most of them in bloody and violent situations.
When he was in the hospital, new in town, he meets a strange and mysterious girl called Mei Misaki, and he see her again in his class room but no one seems to pay attention to her...mystery, deaths and intrigues in the fight of this class to survive the school year and face this terrible curse. 

My opinion: I love this anime, the only thing bad is how short it is. Hope someday they launch another season. A clever manage of mistery with a Gore touch, the story takes you on a ride where you don't know what's next or who's the death one. Highly Recommended!





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