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Movie: Tenkū no Shiro Rapyuta (Castle in the sky)

Technical data: 
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Produced by: Studio Ghibli
Released: 1986 in Japón. 1989 in the USA.
Music by: Joe Hisaishi
Running time: 124 minutes
Rated: General audiences 


This movie, based on a part of Jonathan Swift's novel: Gulliver's travels, show us the story of a young lady named Sheeta and a young boy called Pazu that after knowing each other, start an adventure searching for a flying island made by an apparently extincted civilization. They're guided by the jewel in Sheeta's necklace that is the key to open Laputa's castle.  But they aren't the only people searching for that amazing place; Muska is a man that wants to own the island with really bad intentions and there's also a group of air pirates leaded by and old woman called Dola that wants to find it to own all it's gold and treasures.

I liked this movie, really enjoyed it. Also think is a good animation (specially thinking on how old it is). Highly recommended for people that wants to see some action and adventure and also for the ones that desire some romance. All family can watch it. Sweet and with an 'easy to follow' story, is (no doubt about it) one of Miyasaki's classics.



Links to watch it on-line

> Veoh (english audio):
> Watchcartoononline (english audio):

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