domingo, 6 de enero de 2013

Music: K-Pop.


This post is just to let clear that I LOVE K-POP!

Great rythms, beautiful lyrics and the choreography ¡Wow!. You just enjoy this songs even if you don't understand a word of them. I'm not a fan of an special band but I do have my favorites.

Girls bands:

* WONDER GIRLS. My favorite song: (Be my) Baby. Favorite girl: Sunye.

* MISS A. Love the song: Bad girl, good girl. Miss I like the most: Suzy.

* GIRL'S GENERATION (SNSD). Can't get tired of: Run Devil Run. My favorite lady: Taeyeon. 

Boys bands:

* TVXQ (DBSK). Perfect song: Why Did I Fall in Love with You. Perfect boy: Kim Jaejoong (the handsome Hero)

* BIG BANG. Highly recommended: Tonight. My favorite guy: Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon)

I was also part of the people that enjoy the Gangnam Style, but that was until it becomes too popular in my country and you just heard it everywhere. I still like it, but hearing it that much, makes me lose my love for it. 

And do you like K-Pop? What's your favorite group?

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