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Kannazuki no Miko, Yuri anime.

Kannazuki no Miko, manga created by Kaishaku and then turned into anime by TNK studio is the lovestory of two girls, the reincarnations of the Solar and Lunar Miko, respectively. The anime version is only of one season. Genres:  Yuri, Mecha, Romance.

Himeko and Chikane, reincarnations of the Solar and Lunar Miko are high school students. When an ancient evil rises once more, the girls are plunged into destiny as their long-sealed personas awaken to defend the world against the eight Orochi that want to turn the world in a place of darkness.

The main characters are:

Himeko Kurusugawa:  

The Solar Priestess, carries the solar symbol on her chest. Is a very shy, innocent 16-year-old girl. Timid and insecure, uncertain of her own worth and abilities.  During the serie she is fighting to define who she loves: the beautiful Chikane or Sōma Ōgami, her childhood friend. She was orphaned at an early age in an unknown manner, she was initially adopted by abusive relatives before being moved to other relatives that's why she is so insecure and that's the reason of her afraid of other people touching her hair. At school, Himeko seems to have only one friend, her dorm roommate Makoto. After the destruction of the dorms when Himeko comes to live with Chikane, she soon gains the enmity of Chikane's female fans at school.

Chikane Himemiya:

The Lunar Priestess; in sharp contrast with Himeko, Chikane is a very commanding girl of the same age. She has a very noble and elegant aura, lives in a large mansion with many maids, and is considered to be of the highest standing at their school; she has a considerable fanbase following of both genders Is good in archery and frequently uses the bow as her weapon of preference during confrontations with the Orochi, but is also good in other combat tactics. She is also good playing tennis and playing the piano.  Many at school believe she has a relationship with Sōma, though this is proven to be untrue. She has been in love with Himeko since they first met. She goes through a lot of changes during the serie.
Sōma Ōgami: 

Is The Seventh Neck of the Orochi and the only one able to resist becoming completely evil. He is the protector of Himeko. He do that because she is her friend and 'cause he has being in love with her since he know her. He has a very high social standing at their school, comparable to Chikane's, and most of their fellow students believe they are dating, cause they make 'the perfect couple'.  He is always facing the Orochi curse that wants him to turn bad. His brother Tsubasa is one of the most powerfuls Orochis. Sōma's mecha, Take no Yamikazuchi, is a humanoid robot that possesses a lot of varied attacks, with this robot he fights to protect the Mikos. He carries the mark of Orochi on his forehead.

My opinion: 

Even I'm not fan of Yuri genre, I enjoyed this anime. Seeing robots fighting while two girls are kissing each other might be really interesting to a lot of mans. LOL.  But not always bigger is better, this anime sometimes has a lot of stuff that doesn't contribute to the story. But is still a good option to start in the Yuri genre.



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