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Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty

Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty are, respectively, the first and second season of the anime series produced by Studio Deen, based on the manga by Matsuri Hino (published in LaLa). Genres: Drama, Fantasy, shōjo.

Vampire's eyes

In Cross Private Academy there are two types of students: the ones that study on the day, and the night class. The night class students are vampires but the director of the academy: Kaien Cross, has decided to give them a chance to prove he can be peaceful coexistence between humans and vampires. Yuuki (or Yuki) is the adopted daughter of Cross Academy and studied in, where she also serves as guardian of the day class students to protect members of the night class or other vampires. 

Yuki's first memory
Yuuki feels a special affection for Kaname Kuran (she calls him Kaname-senpai), a pureblood vampire who is leader of the night-bedroom, since her earliest memories are of him protecting her from a vampire class E (low-ranking vampires whose blood desperation leads to madness and are considered dangerous and are eliminated by vampire slayers, and also, by other vampires). Yuki has many doubts and lost memories about her past before arriving at the director's house and all that is mindful of the time is this brave who helped her. Therefore, she has an eternal gratitude to him and a love that is between fraternal and romantic. Zero, who is also an adopted son of Cross is really important for her, the life of this character  is marked by betrayal, pain and death of their parents (comes from a family of vampire hunters) in the hands of vampires, that's why he hates these 'beasts'. Kuran and Zero are   bitter enemies that only have in common their love to Yuki. 

There are many secrets to discover, a shady past and painful to discover and an uncertain future, full of changes and battles.


Suspense and unexpected events have kept me interested in the 26 episodes of this series (13 episodes each season), and obviously the handsome characters. Drama, romance and comedy are also present in this story. Very recommended.



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  1. el anime está muy bien pero el manga esta mejor

    1. Konichiwa Cirnelle,
      Gracias por la recomendación!


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