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Medaka Box and Medaka Box Abnormal

Medaka Box (Medaka Bokkusu) is a shonen manga written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Akira Akatsuki, serialized by the japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, since 2009. The first season of the anime based in the manga have the same name and the second season was titled Medaka Box Abnormal. Genres: Action, comedy, school life.  

Medaka and Zenkichi

Medaka Kurokami, a freshman, is choosen as the Hakoniwa Academy's student council president and know she has to give well-being and happiness to the students, a not-so-easy task. Luckily she is full of powers of her 'anormality' and can also count with the help of the other members of the Student Council. 

In this world, people is classified in five groups: normal, specials, abnormals, negatives and not equals; this is defined by their talents and their personality. About this topic and the activities of the Student Council spins the storyline of the serie.

Student Council Members:

* Medaka Kurokami: 

Belongs to the class 13. Called 'a monster' by some, her mentality   is classified as Abnormal, even she calls herself a human born with the mision of helping strangers and making people happy.  Is outgoing, kinda exhibitionist, with huge aims and a big conviction power. Always trying to do 'the right thing'. Don't like fights but she is really good at it and even have a 'battle god' mode when se gets really angry. 
Position: President.     Best friend: Zenkichi.     Doesn't like: Hansode Shiranui.  
Curious Fact: She loves animals but even the biggest and dangerous ones hide from her. 

* Zenkichi Hitoyoshi: 

Zenkichi was the cutest baby ever

Medaka's childhood friend. A freshman too. Considered Normal, even being really good fighting (thanks to the training he did for being able to protect Medaka). He doesn't give up easily and also pays attention to details. Even he gets angry, tired and hurt in the process, he doesn't let Medaka alone and support her in all her crazy plans. She is in love with Medaka and doesn't deny it.  
Position: General Affairs Manager. 
Best friends: Medaka and Shiranui.  Doesn't like: Anyone that wanna hurt Medaka or boys in love with her. 
Curious Fact: His hair is natural. In the past, he painted it all brown.  

* Mogana Kikaijima: 

Student Council's best paid member
A freshman, member of the swimming club and the class 11. Classified as Special for her surprising aquatic habilities. Obsessed with money, but willing to make friends outside the swimming crew: Yakushima y Tanegashima, that love her as a little sister. Outside of the pool is not as confident as she is inside it. Shy but ready to do whatever it takes to help friends. Smart and fast fisically and mentally.   
Position: Treasurer.  Best friends: Yakushima, Tanegashima, Zenkichi y Medaka.  Doesn't like: People that hurts her friends.  
Curious fact: Usually wears a swimming suit under the uniform.

* Kouki Akune:

He knows he is fabulous XD
Known in the past as 'the destroyer', the Prince of Judo is a student of the class 11 but in an upper level than Zenkichi. He doesn't deny his love for Medaka. Is considered Special because he 'was born' to fight, specially in Judo style. Is really handsome and has some of the exhibitionist of Medaka. Besides of being strong he is really smart and  logical.   
Position: Secretary.  Best friends: Members of the Council. 
Doesn't like: Zenkichi, for being closer to Medaka.  
Curious fact: His blood type is AB. 

* Hansode Shiranui:
Despite of not being an official member she helps them (in her particular way). This tiny and apparently 'innocent' first grade girl holds many secrets. Eats a lot and love candies, has a rather peculiar laugh and usually disappears when there are problems
Hyperactive and known for speaking her mind 'mercilessly' and for always knowing about everything that happens in the Academy.

Position: Medaka offers her the Vice-president charge, but she doesn't want it.  
Best friend: Zenkichi (if she really have friends)   Doesn't like: Medaka. 
Curious facts: Her eyes are 1,5 by 1,5 width.


Interesting characters and a plot that includes romance, fights and humor have me trapped in this series. In the first season, to resolve each case brings new revelations about the powers and personality of Medaka, besides presenting different characters of the Academy. In the second season, due to the appearance on the scene of the anime Medaka brother takes some inclination towards ecchi, but it pays to know the members of the class 13 which are part of the flask plan.


First season: 

Second season: 


First season:

Second season:


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