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 K-On! is a manga serie in 4-koma written and illustrated by Kakifly, that gets published since May of 2007 on Manga Time Kirara magazine. The anime adaptation, produced by Kyoto Animation, have two seasons with an OVA at the end of each one, and special chapters with chibi ilustrations. Their movie was released in Japan on march 3 of 2012.  Genres: Comedy, music, school life. 

Four girls with very different personalities get together in a music club of the Toyosato Institute, after that they become the band Hōkago Tea Time HTT(After-school Tea Time). The serie shows their adventures starting with the way they enter in the club. After a time, a new student becomes part of the group and join to the fun of this relaxed and interesting group join together by their passions: music and good food.  

Members of the band: 

 > Yui Hirasawa: The main character of the serie. A loving and childish girl with a really bad memory that lives with her younger sister, Ui, that is a most responsable and serious version of herself. Yui learns how to play guitar in the club and buys his own instrument, it's name: Gitah. Hirasawa is also one of the voices of the band. Relaxed, SO LAZY, loves candy and food in general. When she wants something she can accomplish it. She enter to the school with Nodoka Manabe, an old friend, that is actually part of the student council. 

Mio Akiyama: Tall, pretty and shy. Get scared easily. Left-handed. Plays the bass that's called: 'Elizabeth'. Mio is also the main vocalist and is usually the song writer. Is really responsable in study and music assignments. She joins the group pushed by for the suggestion of Ricchan, her old friend. She knows a lot about music and loves Jazz music and the Beatles. There's a Mio fan club that loves her for being Moe.

Ritsu Tainaka: Also known as Ricchan. Club and band leader, sometines she forgot it, and also the hiperactive drummer. She likes joking around, scaring Mio, and eating. Is funny, sarcastic and tend to forgot important things, IS REALLY LAZY TOO. Is Mio's best friend, but also gets along with Yui 'cause they have a kinda similar personality. Her favorite musician is Keith Moon from The Who.

>Tsumugi Kotobuki: Mugi-Chan plays the keyboard (piano). She has always been into classic music but becomes a group member because she had to. A sweet and gentle girl, that likes to get food and tea (usually cooked by herself) to their meetings. Her family is rich (Really rich) and sometimes she acts really weird and gets surprised by common things, but is usually a 'mother' to the other girls, protecting and caring them. 

Azusa Nakano: Yui calls her Azu-nyan. A cute girl, that loves candies. She starts studying in the Institute a year after, so she is the last member of the group. Plays the guitar (that she calls Muttan). Loves music and is really dedicated and practices a lot, so she gets mad sometimes when the other ladies spend all time doing other stuffs. Knows a lot about music so usually helps Yui. 

> Sawako Yamanaka: Sawa-Chan is a teacher, that becomes the responsable of the Light Music Club. She have bad luck in love (like me) and had a past in the club. Is usually sweet and helps the girls of the club, except when she turns bipolar. Loves Mugi's food and spend a lot of time in the Club's room. 

Opinion: I enjoyed every chapter from first to last. I'm waiting for a third season!
Is funny, makes you wanna sing, dance, and sometimes, cry. A cute story with characters easy-to-fall in- love-with. So good!



 Extras (my favorite songs)

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  1. amo k-on >0<
    En cuanto a lo que me pediste "algo estilo haruhi" podrías ser mas específica?
    Quieres una haruhi o una muñeca similar? o un retrato tuyo estilo anime con ropa de haruhi? que postura, fondo o png, que ropas o tamaño lo deseas? n.n

    1. Konichiwa Aoki-san,
      Puedes hacer un retrato mío estilo anime? Me encantaría! Puede ser con fondo. Sería lindo con vestido de lolita así super kawaii (no tan sexoso). El tamaño tú decides.

    2. claro, alguna idea de fondo? me puedes pasar una foto tuya por fb o algo? :P

  2. tuve problemas con ese fan art, aqui los ves todos x3


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