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Maid Sama!

Kaichō wa maid sama!, literally: "¡The President is a Maid!"  is a shōjo manga series created by Hiro Fujiwara. The anime adaptation (1 season) have 26 chapters and an ova. Genres: Shōjo, comedy, romance.

Misaki Ayuzawa is the student council president of Seika school, a place with more boys than girls. Her strong image can break down if other students find out what his half-time job is: she works in the Maid Latte Café. Usui Takumi, the most popular boy in school discover her secret and decides to help her keeping it in secret, the mainly reason: he starts liking here when he see her with that outfit. A story full of comedy and romance.

My favorite characters:
> Misaki Ayuzawa: The main character. Strong student council president but cute and helping maid. She is a great student, really athletic, inteligent and has achieve a lot of goals in school to make better the life in school for other girls.
She has a 'manly' behavior and a negative vision of mans. Misaki lives with her mother and a younger sister. She works in the Café to help with a debt her father left them when he left home. She is a complete Tsundere (Strong and fighter on the oustide but loving and gentle on the inside). Always want to do the right thing, like justice. Can even risk her life for others.

> Usui Takumi: Handsome (really handsome), misterious, and extremely talented in a lot of things. Misaki calls him 'a pervert alien'. But he doesn't give up on her. Since he discover her secret he helps and protect here always showing his love. Is jealous (we can see it in some chapters) and wants Misaki to be his personal maid. In the anime there's not enough information of his family but we know his family have a lot of money, he is living alone at the moment and he have a brother even more pervert than he is. In manga all his family story is more complete.

> Aoi Hyōdō: Café Maid manager's nephew, a young boy that enjoy dessing as a girl. And looks good in that outfits thanks to his androgin look. (He or she) is known as an internet Idol. Likes kawaii stuffs and being watched. Enjoys playing with mans feelings and taking advantages of them to make it their helpers. Usually have bad mood and just can't wait for anything. His relationship with Misaki is really funny to watch.

Really funny. Sometimes it goes to the light ecchi side but, overall, is a great romantic comedy with a touch of 'school life'. I think Misaki's personality is awesome and I'm deeply in love with Usui. LOL.Recommended.






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