lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

SOFA 2012. Unforgettable!

From october 25 to 28, in Bogotá, the SOFA convention, the biggest event in Colombia for gamers, and lovers of anime, sci fi, and stuffs like that.

This year SOFA was invaded by zombies! The Walking Dead and other productions are the BOOM in Geekland (my world and posibly yours too) LOL.

But zombies can't stop Haruhiists. My photographer count about 700 people taking pictures with me.  ¡That's crazy! ¡Awesome!. And is hard to believe that bunch of people take the photos with me in only two days (I didn't wear my costume all the time). I didn't have a lot of competition, and in saturday I was the only Haruhi walking around.


On sunday I find a group cosplay of the brigade members. S.O.S REUNITED!

Also, the Lucky Star girls (future Haruhis) get so excited of seeing me! Other cosplayers tell me I look great and I meet a lot of potencial S.O.S brigade members. Was such a fastantic experience! I'll be back next year, no doubt!. 

Here's Haruhi Suzumiya with Goku. EPIC meeting! LOL!



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  1. Hola! Mira estoy compartiendo las fotos que tome en el SOFA 2012, creo que sales en algunas!

    Un saludo.


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